Joseph Deangelo donating money to feminism

Joseph James DeAngelo.

To give and to give with the heart

Sacred Bonding

Sacred Bonding The legacy of Baby M

Joseph deangelo and Sharon seems to have donated money to the author Phyllis Chesler.

Joseph DeAngelo Donating money to Feminism

Notes Page 208

Many feminists donated their time and serices…

The single largest sum of money I received was donated by Joanne Steele, the

former owner of Majority Report, a feminist newspaper. Gloria Steinem sent a

personal check, as did approximately twenty-five to thirty others, including: Roslyn

and Daniel Bologh (NY), Paulette and Michael Bowles (MD), Cara F. Burke (MD),

Robert and Susan Cecil (MD), Charlotte F. Chapman (VA), and Joseph

DeAngelo (CA),

Joseph DeAngelo

Joseph DeAngelo

Joseph DeAngelo

Joseph James DeAngelo or Joe De Angelo growing older getting colder. But now hotter than ever.

Headbanging the walls in the cell made him a little bit longer… they say


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